Saturday, 14 October 2017

My Big Day At Sylvia Park

On a bright shiny day me, my siblings and my mum went to watch a Movie at Sylvia Park we decided to watch Captain Underpants. We wanted to watch our movie at 1:00pm but at the same time we wanted to go watch the movie right away so we did.

When we got there the movie started straight away. We were trying to look for our sets but instead we just sat anywhere I didn’t know if it was someone else's set but we still sat on it. When the movie started we got the Popcorn and our drinks ready. I was very excited to watch Captain Underpants because I know that it is going to funny.

After half of the movie finish all of our Popcorn and drinks were finish, Even though the drinks were bigger than my head it was still finished. In the movie I really like it how the principle transformed to Captain Underpants and I really liked how it had there own Carnival at school.

When the movie finished we went to have a little walk around Sylvia Park. After an hour we ended up buying clothes like always. We bought my clothes for tomorrow. After we did our little shopping or should I say “BIG SHOPPING” We decided to go and have a feast at McDonald's. After our BIG Lunch. My dad came to pick us up from our big day. I was so exhausted from our big adventure at Sylvia Park.


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