Friday, 19 June 2015

The ligthhouse

High on a hill above a village stood a lighthouse. Its beams of light where a warning for ships to stay away. There were treacherous rocks below.

The old man heard the people celebrating in the village, he slammed the window shut because it was too noisy.The window opened again and it blew out the man’s candle. Suddenly he heard a loud clanking noise and then the entire lighthouse plunged into darkness. He ran to see what had happened to the light.

He carried his lantern as he clambered up the staircase. He checked the enormous lamp, out of nowhere he heard a loud blast from a boat’s horn. “Oh no!” He thought, “there is a boat coming.” He felt terrified!

He carried the enormous lamp and he forgot to put his tools away so he fell down on the ground as he tripped over his tools. He dropped the enormous lamp and it smashed into 100s of pieces on the ground. The man looked
out the window and saw ship heading towards the rocks.

He heard a noise and ran down to the front door,
he opened the door and the whole village was coming to help the man. The villagers had their lanterns and the man felt thankful. the whole
village stand it the lighthouse and carried they
lanterns and the man was happy and thankful.  
and the whole village was proud of them self.




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  1. wow petesa you have a long writing i think you took time to finish
    your lighthouse