Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Immersion Assembly

Today's topic was all about Musical Madness. At Pt England School we would always have different topics of the term. Today team 4 will be doing loads of fun things to do and I am really looking forward to it.

This term Pt England School will be learning how to play an Instrument, and will be learning how to make their own SONG!! I will be looking forward to it. “Now it is time for TEAM 1” Mr Burt says. So the teachers started to gather around on the stage. Team 1 was acting about how music can give you emotions. Next it was team 2 turn to do there item. They were singing a song could The Jungle I really liked how Miss Gaston was singing the song. And I also like how the other teachers were playing their own instrument.

Team 4 will be learning how to make there own music I will be really excited. And we will also be making our own instruments. Team 4 movie was very funny. They were doing a karaoke in the car. They would lipsync and dance around like CrAzY!!

This team I hope that I can learn lots of instruments, And hope that I can write my own song in the future.

Today's topic was awesome. I really liked how the teachers put lots of effort into their movie. My favourite item was Team 5 it was awesome and very hilarious. I hope that we would have an awesome term!

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