Sunday, 15 October 2017

Making Cookies

During the holidays me and my auntie were making cookies. We were making peanut butter cookies I was really looking forward to be eating it. While we were making our cookies me and my aunt decided to play some music.

While me and my aunt finished putting everything we needed for the cookies we started to mixing it. While we were mixing it. It started to come out the way we wanted it to be. After all the arm work we got some on rolled it into a circle shape and put it down. When we finished rolling all of the dough we put it into the oven. But after about like 10 min the cookies were still not ready so we called my mum from work I was scared that she might get angry at me for calling her while she was busy so I gave it to my aunt.

When I gave her the phone my mum picked up. When my aunt called her she said “How do you work to oven?” she said. When my mum finished explaining it to her she started to LAUGH!! So I told her what happened and she said that we have to wait until the oven gets hot so we both Laughed like CrAzY!!! So we waited. When the oven got hot we started to put the cookies in the oven. While we were waiting we decided to watch some videos on Youtube. After about 5 min we bringed out the cookies BUT all of a sudden we could smell the burn. When we turned around the cookies we could see the BURN!!

“Oh NOOO” My aunt said. She got upset because she put lots of effort into it but at the same time we still ate it with Milk. It was OK if it wasn’t BURNT. I had loads of FUN!! Making cookies. I was proud of myself for helping my aunt make the cookies. It was the best!! Thank you aunt for looking after us through the holidays I really appreciate it. You are the best love you heaps hope you had the best holidays too. THANK YOU !!!!! (But I really think the the cookies were an epic FAIL)

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