Sunday, 15 October 2017

Going To Rainbows End

On the most beautiful day we went to Rainbows End. (Ok let me tell what happened from the beginning) Me and my little siblings got up at 8:00am we were still tired but we had to get ready to GO!! While we were up my mum made us breakfast to get us wide awake.

When I finished my breakfast I went to change into my clothes. I was really excited to go and have some FUN!! With my family. When we got there we could see loads of fun things to do. I could see the Roller coaster going like CrAzY!! I really didn’t know what ride we would be going on first.

While we were walking around we decided to go on the Log Flume ride. While we were there the line was so long I really wished that the line was short so that we can go on first. After about 20 minutes it was our turn to go on the ride I was really excited. When we went inside the log we had to wait until the big circle had to move so that our log can move too. “Ahhhhhh” I screamed. When the ride was finished I got a bit wet and my little sister in the front got REALLY!! Wet it was a bit funny. “LET'S GO ON ANOTHER RIDE!” My sister screamed out. So we did.After going on the other rides we had to go home. I was upset but I still had LOADS!! Of FUN! My favourite ride in Rainbows End was the Stratosphere it was the scariest ride of all.

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