Friday, 6 October 2017

White Sunday

It is finally the HOLIDAYS!!! “YAY” Me and my family won’t be doing much in the holidays, But I do know that we are go to do White Sunday. I am very excited and a bit nervous because you would have to perform on stage speaking in Samoa. For me it is very hard to speak my own language.

Me and my little siblings will be doing White Sunday this year. “It is time to go” I would tell her where we would be going and she would say “ We are going to practice for White Sunday. Sometimes I don’t like going practices because you would have to do a play, learn your parts and learn the songs. It is a lot of hard work. Sometimes my mom would scold me for not saying the words properly.


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  2. Talofa Peteas, Great writing. So awesome 2 see you blogging in the weekend. It was good seeing you at church today, our group was the best aye.
    Great blogging Keep it up, and hope the rest of your hoildays great.