Monday, 9 October 2017

Going Out With The Family!!!

Today Me and my whole family went to a restaurant because we had White Sunday so we went to celebrate. We went to Happy days to have our feast. Someone very special came with us and there names were Leuwina and her sister. They use to come to our school but they had to leave to Samoa causes they live there but they came to New Zealand for visit.

When we finished our White Sunday we went straight home to get ready. I was very excited to go out the family. “Let’s Go” Mum says. So we went straight to the car getting ready to go. The ride was a bit long because it was all the way at Manukau. When we arrived we were a bit late so we went just went to eat.

After our we ate me and cousins went outside to play. We played Tag and Hide and Seek. I was very excited to play. While we were playing me and my cousins went inside to have dessert there were lots of yummy things to eat there were Ice creams, Cake and Loads of things. But I only had Ice cream, it was very delicious I had Hokey pokey, Vanilla and Strawberry.

After the feast we all went home. I was very happy to met up with them family it was very fun. And I am happy to play with the FAMILY!!!  


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