Thursday, 12 October 2017

My Sisters 5th Birthday

Yesterday was my sister's 5th Birthday. And she will be coming to Pt England School so now that all my siblings are all at Pt England I am very excited to see them around. Her name is Safaleletaua but for shourt you can call her Sa or Taua.

On her 5th Birthday I got her lip gloss, a book and pens. I was very excited to go and celebrate her birthday with her friends and family. We celebrated her birthday it a childcare could Teuila Kids. While we were waiting for everyone to come one of my cousins came. Then we could see people coming through the door holding presents. When my sister saw the presents she got very excited.

“It’s here” the kids SCREAMED!! Out my mum went to check what was it and it was the Bouncy Castle. The kids were screaming like animals when they were setting it up the kids went to watch superhero videos because it was also Superhero Day. The teachers and my mum were setting up the food for the kids and the Elders. And the cousins were just playing around outside like crazy. “It is time to eat” My mum yelled out to us. So we went inside to eat.

When we finished eating the older cousins including me had to prepare the beds for the kids to sleep at it was pretty tiring to do because you had to carry the beds and do the blankets and had to make the kids go to sleep it was like we were working there. I asked one of the teachers if we get paid and they said yes I was like screaming out YESSSSS!!!! But actually it was a NO!!! I got very upset but I just went with it. While the all the kids were sleeping we went to eat again while we were eating one of the kids were crying so I told the my older cousin to go because I was tired.

When the kids woke up they all wanted to go and play on the Bouncy Castle so then the teachers told them to put on there shoes and to line up and they did it straight away. While they were playing outside the cousins were just looking out for the kids.


  1. Kia ora Petesa,
    I can tell that you had such a fun day celebrating your little sister's birthday with her. I am looking forward to meeting her when she comes to Pt England. Are you looking forward to saying "Welcome to Pt England!" at assembly to her? I think you will enjoy looking out for her at school with your other siblings.

    These are some very beautiful photos of you and Safaleletaua. She is very lucky, you bought her some wonderful presents. Did you get to go on the bouncy castle at her birthday as well?

    I can tell that you love to write because you are becoming such a great writer. Well done for using speech marks and breaking your ideas into different paragraphs. I will see you at school on Monday.

    From Miss Scanlan.

  2. kia ora petesa you are a super star you are famios i saw you and her on the web site happy bithday to your little sis.