Monday, 9 October 2017

Going To My Aunt's House

Yesterday Me and my family went to my Aunt's house, When we were there we were playing Tag after playing tag we went to play on the trampling, It was very fun jumping around like Monkeys. We got very bored playing in the trampling so we went inside, When we were inside we went upstairs playing around like CrAzY!

We got very tired so we just went in the rooms making a fort with the blankets and the pillows it so much fun. When we finished making our fort we went inside watching a movie it was could The Emoji Movie it was so funny while we were watching the movie one of our older cousins were sleeping me and other cousins got the pens from another room and started drawing on her face. “Were Finished” I whispered then we all laughed we couldn't hold it in.

When she woke up she told us “What Happened?” Then my little cousin gave her the mirror then she started chasing us so we went outside running for our lives it was very funny, Then she caught us so we followed her inside, She told us to do everything for her we were acting like her slave but it was a bit fun. The boys had to fan her and the girls had to give her food and water. One of the boys accidentally hit her with the fan so he started running for his lives it was so funny so we all hide from her.

When we finished playing the game we went to the fort and started watching the movie. When we finished the movie we started busting down the fort we were going CrAzY we got the pillows and started hitting each other it was SOOOOOOO FUNNY!! When we finished playing we started playing music and cleaning the room because it looked like an animal's room, When we finished cleaning we started dancing to the song it was so much fun.

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