Thursday, 1 February 2018

What I Did This Week!!!

On the first day of school, 2018 I have been learning LOTS!!!
My home room class is Room 3 and my teacher is Mrs Tele’a.
But she had to look after her baby, Noelle. o we had two wonderful
teachers Mrs Sio and Mrs Salu.

  • The First Day
When we we went inside the year 8 had to great us for coming to the block
which was respectful of them. The did the prayers and then we had to sing the
Waiata. After that the teachers were introducing themselves. I was
so happy to be in team 5. After all that I had to go to my home class. I was in
room 3 and my teachers were Mrs Tele’a, Mrs Sio and Mrs Salu’s home class.
We went to sit in our desks and we had to do this fun activity which was could
Icebreaker it was so much fun. After that we had to go and eat our LUNCH!!
After that we had (Art Class) The art we did was could Scratch Art,
Scratch Art is where you have to colour in you paper as colourful as you want
them to be after that you have to put black paint over it then wait for a few
minutes and then you get a toothpick and Scratch it and it would be your master

  • The Second Day

On the second day we had to learn about Waitangi Day which was exciting.
What we did was that we had to go in class at 8:30am so that we can do the
morning assembly. When we went into the classroom we had to go and sit on
the floor. After that Mrs Salu had an activity for us to do. We had to aim the
Marshmallows into the cups and whoever has 6 Marshmallow into the cups
first will win but our team lost which was okay. After that Mrs Salu had an
movie for us to watch, It was about Waitangi. It was very interesting
and cool. After that we had to do some art. We had to make a Collage.
It was so much fun.

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