Wednesday, 7 February 2018

The Funny Looking One

The Funny Looking One

One day there was a women named (The Funny Looking One.)
she wanted to eat a burger. She couldn’t afford one so she went
around looking for one. Then suddenly she fell and saw a rat
crawling for some food. Then she started to follow it
and then she grabbed it. Then she walked around looking
for her burger. Then she saw a girl eating a big tasty
delicious burger so she ran right up to the girl and
grabbed the burger without any permission. Then
the girl started to cry and ran up to her parents. Lots
of people were shocked and scared even one of them
got a video of it and reported it to the police. When
they reported it to the police, the police got shocked
as well they couldn’t do anything about it so they
ignored it. One day later the Funny Looking One fel
t sorry for what she did so she went looking for her. Then
all of a sudden she smelt a burger coming from the left side
so she followed the smell. Then when she saw the burger it
happened to be the same girl from last time. Then the Funny
Looking One grabbed it even though she already knew not to
do it. Then she took one big bite even though she saw the girl.   

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