Friday, 16 February 2018

Going To Tech 2018

This week on Thursday I went to Tech for the first time
this year. Tech is where we go to Tamaki College and do
cooking. “ So let me tell you my trip to Tamaki College.”
First Mrs Iloa had to put us in three groups One, Two and
Three I was in group Two. Then she told us to go line up
into two big lines.

When we got into two lines we had to walk to Tamaki College.
It was so hot while walking to Tamaki. When we got there
we had to line up into our three lines. Group two had to go
with a teacher name Mrs Lockheart. We didn’t get to do
any cooking because we had a short amount of time so we
just learnt how to use the knife. One of them was to hold the
sharp part while passing it to another person so that you won’t
cut them. After that we had sheets of paper to fill in which
was so exciting.

When we finished we all had to pack up and leave to
Pt England School. It was really fun and interesting to go
to Tamaki College and do cooking. I will be looking forward
to be going back on Thursday and to learn new things about

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