Thursday, 22 February 2018

Making Pizza At Tech!

Today all of the year 7 went to Tech. I was so excited to
cook for the first time in years! When we made it to
Tamaki College we all had to do our rotations which
was exciting. Today we are going to make PIZZA!!

First we had to buddy up in to twos. First of all we had
to listen to the instructions. After that we went to get
our aprons on so that we won’t get things on our uniform.
First we had to bring our trolley that has all the
important things, then we had to get our Chopping

First I had to go and get the Pineapple, Tomato Sauce
and the Pizza Dough, and my buddy went to get the
Cheese and the Bacon. First we had to cut the Pineapple
and the Bacon into little pieces after that I got my dough
and put it into the tray and got the sauce and started to spread
it everywhere. When we finished we put all the toppings
on our pizza dough. When we finished we had to give it
to Mrs H to cook. While it was cooking we had to do the
cleaning first we had to do the dishes, clean the kitchen
benches and to dry the dishes. After the hard work we all
waited for our Pizza to get ready. When the pizza finished
cooking we all got the Pizza and started eating it. It was so
Delicious and Yummy.

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