Tuesday, 27 February 2018

Maori Dictionary

Maori Dictionary
Aotearoa            New Zealand            
Aroah                 Love, Feel Pity, feel compassion.
Maori                 To Be Maori, Apply In Maori Way
Mana                  Courage, Strength                    
Haka                   Maori Performance                   
Koha                   Present, Gift, Donation
Karanga              To Call Or Call Out
Marae                  A  hospitable place
Moko                   Maori Tattooing Designs On The Face
Pokeha                To Be Of European, English Descent
Powhiri               To Welcome, Invite, Beckon and Wave
Tangi                   To Cry or Weep Over
Taonga                Property, Goods, Possession, Effect              
Waiata                 To Sing Or Maori Songs
Waka                   Spirit Medium, Conveyance, Canoe
Whanau               To Be Born OR To Give Birth
Whenua               Land - Often Used In The Plural                

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