Thursday, 7 June 2018

Year 7 Team Building!

The Year 7 and some of the year 8 had their very own Team Building! Because the Year 8 went to there Leadership Camp. I was so excited to enjoy the rest of the day without the Year 8!

There where 5 groups, Orange, Yellow, Purple, Green, Red, and Blue First we had to get into our groups and tried to make our own bandanas. I was was in the Yellow team and we called our group the Yellow Churry! We created our sign that was so colourful. We wrote down our group name right in the middle!

For the first day of rotations we had My Kitchen Rules (MKR) With Mrs Sio, Games with Whea Kally, And Super Awesome Slime with Mrs Salu! First we had Game with Whea Kally, We played inside because it was cold. We played Chair Tiggy. Second we did MKR. We made Pikelets, with some toppings on it, it was funny because our Pikelets where raw, but we still ate it. We had Ice Cream, Chocolate Chips, Jam Sauce, and Sprinkles. It was fun and exciting.

We didn’t get to do our 3 rotation because there was no time. But we still enjoyed it!

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