Wednesday, 13 June 2018

Matariki Fun Day!

What we did for Matariki was very FUN! We did, Arts and Crafts, Sports, and Cooking.

What I did was Cooking with Mrs Gaston, and Mrs Carter in Team 2! We made cookies that were Stars to represent the 7 Stars of Matariki! When we got there we all thought that we were cooking but instead we could make SLIME! All the Year 7, 8, and 6 made Slime, with Mrs Gaston. And the Year 4, 5 and 3 made cookies with Mrs Carter

First we put Glue into the bowl, and mixed it with blue food colouring. While mixing it well we got Borax and mixed it with hot water. When we mixed it we put it into the bowl where their was Glue and Food Colouring. Then suddenly the Slime couldn’t come together so we put the whole activator into the bowl. But it got watery and disgusting, so we gave up, and just left the “Slime” there.

Now it was time for Cooking! There was dough their so we just cutted them into star shapes, while making our stars! Me and Mitchell went to make the Icing for the cookies, we made, Yellow, Green, and Pink. We all finished cutting our cookies and baked them for 12 to 10 minutes. After the 12 to 10 minutes the cookies were baked! Then we all put the Icing onto the cookie, and decorated them with little Silver Chocolate.

We all Enjoyed it and ate them while watching videos about Matariki!

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