Friday, 1 June 2018

Samoa Language Week!!

Today was a special day for the Samoan country, it was Samoa Language Week. Me and some of the girls has to perform our beautiful Siva, to Pt England School.

The beautiful girls had to come early to school. We all got changed into our beautiful red Ie Lava Lava, and a plan black T-Shirt. When we finished getting ready we went to practice our dance just to make sure we all got it right, we were all excited and nervous. Just then Mrs Timmi came and helped us touch up somethings.

“4 more minutes girls” Says Mrs Timmi, we all went in 2 lines getting ready to perform our dance. We went to the back of the chairs and stayed their. The Teuila Kids came and perform their awesome dance to us, they were so cute
and awesome, after that it was our turn to perform. So we got up getting ready to show our dance. We all smiled, and telling stories by our hand and wrist. We were all happy about our dance.   

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