Monday, 2 July 2018

EXPO Writing!!


Team five decided to do an EXPO to show to Pt England
School. The reason why is because we needed to teach
the younger students about Force and Motion. Teaching
makes you a better learner.

Our group had more than two ideas, our first idea was
to do a catapult, another idea we had in mind was to do
an egg in the water experiment.

For our project we wanted to do the egg in the water
experiment. The reason why we wanted to do this
experiment was because it looked fun, and we wanted
to test it out, and that it concludes Force & Motion.

Our group failed because we didn’t have the equipment.
But we really wanted to do the EXPO with the other
Yr 7 & 8 so hopefully we can do it next time.

When we have another EXPO our group should have
the right equipment, and to be ready to present
what we have learned to the Pt England Students.

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