Saturday, 12 May 2018

My Family Camp!

Me and my family had our very own camp at our church! We had 3 groups, Blue, Green, and Yellow. I was in the Blue team.

When we got there, we all welcomed our Setefano Family members. When I saw my 2 favourite cousins Naomi, and Eden. We all went to hang out and played some games. Our elderlies wanted to do a prayer before we went to go have some fun. After the prayer we went to go huddle into our groups, but suddenly I didn't get to team up with Naomi, and Eden. 

The Blue team was winning so far we had 45 points for the start. We then got Pizza for dinner, and played around for an hour. After eating we all got changed into our pyjamas getting ready for our Movie Night. We watched the "Three Wise Cousins" I was excited to watch the movie with my family. 

My favourite part about our camp is that we got to learn about our Family from the past, and that we all got to get along with the Setefano Family! Hopefully that we get to do another Setefano Camp!

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