Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Lost in the island

Bedarra Island - Wikipedia
On a cold winter day there were 3 people stranded in the middle of the island. They had no food and no water and they were very cold and scared. They had nowhere to stay but in the cold island they had nowhere to go and nowhere to find their way out of the freezing island. Their names were Sam, Kelly and Lilly. They were very hungry and thirsty. They were very terrified. They decided to build a little house for them to stay in and to keep them safe from the cold. And when they were finish they decided to make some beds with some leafs and with some brunches it was very uncomfortable for them to sleep in.      

The next day Sam, Kelly and Lilly started to wake up. They could hear the bird chirping and the light soft wind wandering around when they opened their eyes widely they could see the sun shining up the sky. They were really happy to see the sun brightening above there heads so they got up and started to look for some food. Lilly went wandering for some food then she could see some Mangoes hanging on a little branch she was really happy so she started to climb the tree and grabbed the Mongoose and then she climbed back down and ran back to their little house and then waited for the others to go back then suddenly Sam founded some Bananas and Kelly found some Oranges so then they both ran to the little house. The three of them were sitting down and eating their fruits while they were eating their fruit they would talk about how to get out of the island they would think and think then suddenly Sam had an idea his idea was to make a boat and they all agreed so they all went to look for some things for the boat they got big branches, small branches and some big leafs when they got everything they needed they started to make their boat it took them weeks and days.

The next day they were finished they were very glad that they were finished they got in the boat and sailed far away from the island they were very happy to see the boat moving away from the island they would sing and laugh together in their little boat while they were sailing they could see fish everywhere they are very pleased so they got there stick that was shaped while they got their fish they could see cars wandering around and people talking and laughing they were very shocked to see other people they reached to the end of the sea they got out of there boat and looking around and around.

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