Wednesday, 7 December 2016

The Animal Race

Animal Racing!8bd1b8b02e9cb633adb1d789dd4588c6.jpg
It was an exciting day at Pt England School. It wasn't a normal race. But we could pick any animal. And I picked a Dragon. I coshed a Dragon because it could scared all of the animals off and shot his fire breath to the other animals. My Dragon was so excited to race those other animals. So the Dragon started the stretch his legs and arms. But there was only 1 more minute so Me and the Dragon started to line up for the race. There was 6 lines in front of us and I was a number 4. Then the race began. The Dragon was so nervous. So the Officials said,” On your marks get set, Go” and then the Dragon started to fly. Then suddenly the crocodile started to whack his long tale to the other animals so the dragon started to fly up because he didn’t want to lose so the dragon started to fly really fast the dragon was so tired. Then suddenly the other animal started to catch up so the dragon kept on going. Then the crocodile started to ran and ran I was so shocked but my dragon kept on going he was sweating and tired but he kept on going. Lots of people were cheering for the Dragon. But I felt sorry for him. There was five more minutes until the race was finish. My Dragon took a deep breath and started to fly. Then suddenly he was up to the finish line and BOOM he came first and  second please was the Crocodile and third please was the Pig. The crocodile was so angry but he was proud of himself he wanted to came first so badly but he was still happy. The Dragon was so so proud and happy. But he couldn't believe it he was running around like a monkey. He was so so so proud of himself he got his golden medal.  

Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Into the cave

Son_Doong_Cave_5.jpgInto the cave!
One day there was 4 friends that wanted to go to the beach. Their  names were Luck, Willie, Richey and Coby. They could hear splash of the water and the little sound of sands and people playing and eagles talking. Luck and Coby went for a little swim at the beach. While the others will go and lie  down on the sand. Coby and Luck finished swimming for 10 minutes.

When they finished swimming Luck, Willie, Richey and Coby went for a walk around the beach. Luck called to his friends, “ Willie, Richey and Coby I found something”, They bursted out to look for Luck. When Willie, Richey and Coby found Luck they wanted to know what was happening. So Luck said, “ Look I found a cave”, So Willie, Richey and Coby was so excited so they ran inside to see what was inside.

So Luck, Willie, Richey and Coby went to have a journey around the cave. They could see spider webs on the corner and rocks all over the ground. Willie was running all over like a monkey. While they were walking they got lost they got really scared and sad. Richey felt like crying and confused. Coby remaindered he brought his phone. He rushly got out his phone and called his other friend name Lorenzo. When Lorenzo heard the news he got his rope and started to drived to the beach. When he got there he got his rope and started to ran around the beach and up the hill. When he saw the cave he looked around the cave and started to shout out their names. When Lorenzo found them. He followed the rope and started to found his way out. They were so so so happy they didn't know what to say to Lorenzo. They could feel the breeze coming to there face. They were so HAPPY!!!.   

Monday, 17 October 2016


One day there was two brothers that wanted to go out fishing. It was a really beautiful day so they went to get there fishing rod. Sam was the oldest child and Willy was the youngest child. Sam and Willy would always go fishing because it was there thing. So Sam went to get the keys and Willy was waiting outside Sam ran outside and unlocked the car. So they both got in the car and put on there seat belt. Sam was driving and went to his favourite beach so the two brothers got there fishing rod and walked to their fishing spot.

Sam and Willy got there fishing rod and started fishing. Sam got 4 big fish and Willy got 5 big fish. They were so hungry they wanted to eat their fish so badly. So Sam went back home and got the BBQ and some lemon. Willy loved lemon on his fish and Sam loved chips with his fish so he went to the shops and got some chips from the Takeaway. And went back to the beach and got out the BBQ out and Bob ran to Sam and got the lemon and put it on the ground were there fishing spot is and then Willy ran back to help Sam with the BBQ.


Friday, 23 September 2016

End of term 3.

Hi guys, this is my last day of my blogging because its going to be a 2 weeks holiday and I can't wait. Please still comment on my blog. Thank you to those people who commented on my blog. Have a good look around my blog. My favourite blog post is Pick A Path it has lots of detail. So don't for get about to leave a comment on my blog.

Monday, 5 September 2016

Egg comment

NZ Mascot

I am Jack the NZ mascot and I love to watch the 2016 rio olympics. My favourite sport is High Jump because I like to jump on my trampoline with my friends Sam and Cody.   

 I like to play rugby with my family and go on picnics at the field. And I like to be friendly to all my fans. I enjoying dancing to the crowds and sometimes I like to be funny to my family.      

I live in a forest in NZ. I stay in a very big tree house. With my family. I am proud where I live.
Silver fern flag

Friday, 2 September 2016

Problem solving

Problem solving

Justin Gatlin Beats Usain Bolt

Wheelbarrow Race!!!

Pt England School Olympics Wheelbarrow Race!

WALT: write an interesting recount by writing about our feelings and the feelings of others.

WALT: group ideas into paragraphs.

Room 9 was going to do a race. We were doing it at the breeze. I felt so nerves and excited, I was so confused I didn't know what to do.

Mr Baxendine cheated because he had a wheelbarrow. That makes him go faster and it wasn't far for the boys. Because they had to use their hands. I think the boys was not strong enough and they didn’t had enough strength. Then the girls had to go and line up it was so funny when the girls was fighting about who is going to go on the floor. I was struggling,  confused and excited. I was so angry that Mr Baxendine had to use the wheelbarrow and I was cross so I got my friend leg and then when Mr Baxendine said, “ On your marks, get set, gooooo. I was laughing I dropped my friend . I was laughing I couldn't stop.

I felt pretty angry at Mr Baxendine and cross so all I did is to take a deep breath, but I was still angry. So I just put a smile on my face and I know that room 9 was was very upset. So we lined up to get ready to do some work.    


Friday, 26 August 2016

Problem Solving

Winning Silver

I am at the 2016 Olympics and I am getting ready.  I am going to play Netball at the courts we had to do our warm ups to start our day of. I am so excited I can feel the butterflies in my stomach I was so nervous I didn't  know what to do. I can hear the people shouting screaming and yelling at me. After the game I was standing on the podium. After that, I saw my family crying and screaming. I saw the camera taking photos of us. I was so proud of myself. I was so happy that I got a silver medal. I can smell the food that people made I can smell the fire from the fireworks. I was smiling at the crowd I was so proud of myself.

Monday, 1 August 2016

We Are The Champions

On Monday it was immersion assembly. Sadly the holidays were over and it was term 3. I ran to class to line up for Immersion Assembly. I thought to myself, I wonder what we will be doing this term. Today theme was we are the champions. I saw Mr Jacobson holding a camera. And I saw a post and it said we are the champions. Team 4 is going to learn about Olympics Exposed Virus Advertising Drugs. My highlight is we had to watch all the video in the hall.


Making Tidy Tens

Friday, 8 July 2016

3D Printing

Room 9 gets to do some 3D Printing and it was lot of fun we get to make our name tag for our chrome book bag. On my one it has little diamonds on it and it was red.

Wednesday, 6 July 2016


When I got to class I saw something strange it was some carrots some wood and a tray.

Mr Baxendine hand out the carrots to us and the knife and some trays and some wood. When we got our carrots and we had to carve our carrots into someone.
My friend’s name is Rose and she has big eyes and a big mouth and short hair and long legs. My favourite part was when we get to carve our carrots into a friend.

Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Yum Yum

On Monday I walked in class and I saw something strange on the wall it said do not touch and there was two boxes on the table. When Awathan put the red blindfold around my face I was so confused that I might eat something very yucky. So Awathan got a cup and he gave it to me I dipped my hand in the cup and I shoved it in my mouth. My one tasted very yucky and funny. When I put my hand in the cup my hand was sticky. My highlight is when we get to put the blindfolds on our face and get to taste the lime jelly.

Friday, 3 June 2016

My Own Superhero

Powerful girl was so powerful she was born from Samoa her powers is being strong so that she can fight other people that are very selfish and mean. She was born with her powers. She had dark pink and black tights, and a black t-shirt, and red dark shoes. She was a tall girl and she was fit. She was brave and friendly. She likes to eat fruit salad she had black hair. Her favourite sport is netball. When she has a mission she gets very scared and a little bit worried because she doesn't want them to die.        

Thursday, 2 June 2016


One day there was a girl named Lulu she was working at the jewelry shop then about 6 o'clock someone evil came in the shop and its name was Joker so he got it hammer and made a big hole and a big BAM then Lulu sprint it the counter and she saw a big hole so she got her phone out and call the cops. Then she went outside and she was so worried that she might get fired then she heard something coming her way and it was Supergirl Lulu was a fan of Supergirl. Then Supergirl landed on the floor and went inside the Jewellery shop then she ran outside and fly up the sky to look for Joker and there he was stealing someone's car so Supergirl divided down to Joker and Joker saw her flying towards him so he ran to Lulu and cured he to a cliff and dropped her then  Supergirl divided to Lulu Super girl was so scared that Lulu might die so Supergirl went fast and she got Lulu then Supergirl flyed up and put her on the ground. And Lulu thanked Supergirl for saving her.

Friday, 20 May 2016


My Superhero is Supergirl she is a very brave.  She has long blonde hair and light blue eyes. She wears a red cape blue skirt and a blue t-shirt she is a very tall person. Her power is Flight,Super strength,Invulnerability,Super speed,Heat vision,Freeze breath,X-ray vision,Superhuman hearing,Healing factor. Supergirl comes from a planet named Krypton.

Tuesday, 10 May 2016


Write here:
Superman was playing chess with Captain America. They were so hungry so they went to Mcdonald's. When they were there they bought they Mcdonald’s. Superman forgot his wallet at home so Captain America bought Superman's food when they got there food Superman ran to the car and Captain America said, ’’I'm going to win the chess game’’. So Superman drive all the way home when they went home Superman ran inside home and he was setting in the chair and started to play Captain America was thinking and  when Superman turned around Captain America took has queen and BOOM!!! Captain America won.        

Monday, 9 May 2016

Speech Marks

 1. Put speech marks before and after the exact words spoken by someone.

2. Put a comma (or a ?,!,. ) between the speech marks and the words that tell you who is talking.

3. Always start the first word in the speech marks with a capital letter.

Monday, 4 April 2016

Camp 2016

 On Wednesday the 23rd the year 5 & 6 had camp at Pt England School. I shared my tent with Nasibah.

I walked in my tent because it was night and we had to go to sleep and my feet was wet and it was cold and very windy. When I was inside the tent i was inside my sleeping bag then one hour a big thunder come and it woke me up it was like a lion roaring. And the wind was going past our tent i was so scared that the rain will come on our tent it was raining hard out. the tent was going up and down Then Nasibah woke me up and it was 6.00 i was so tired because the thunder woke me up.

But i am excited for camp next year. My favorite part on camp was swimming.              

Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Petesa camp

On Tuesday we had camp for the year 5 and 6. I was excited. On night time we watched a movie Hotel Transylvania 2. it was so funny. And we get to go play on the basketball hoops the rolling skates we had lots of fun. My groups name is the Kind Krushers and we like to Krushers things we had fun.

Monday, 7 March 2016

Narrative Writing Gopher.

In a hot sunny day in the middle of the farm but there was a road that was dirty but very dusty. A gopher named Jimin he was so hungry he had nothing to eat. He was cute but very fat and chubby. Jimin saw a sign that had tomatoes on it. One time a truck came which had lots of tomatoes on it. Jimin was very hungry so he ran as fast as he could to it.

Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Narrative Story

Once upon a time there was a girl named Gigi. She went camping by herself she was a nice girl. She bring a sleeping bag a flash-light a basket full of food and a tent. Gigi heard a noise outside her tent and she was scared she got her flash-light to see what was it she went far away from her tent and she was lost she was very could. Three girls were walking and saw Gigi. Gigi told the three girls that she was lost and the three girls was helping Gigi to get her way out and Gigi was very happy.

Monday, 8 February 2016

Talofa Lava my name is Petesa and I am a girl. I am a year 5 student at Pt England School and I am 9 years old. I am in room 9 and I have two awesome teaches Mr Baxendine and Mr Goodwin. In my family I have 1 brother and 2 sisters, I am the oldest. My favourite sport is netball and I play netball for the school too. I hope you enjoy reading my blog, please leave a comment.        

Thursday, 4 February 2016

Problem Solving

Walt: solve addition & subtraction problems by counting on and counting back.