Friday, 15 June 2018

Three Laws Of Motion!

Today we are learning about the Three Laws Of Motion! Room 2 came to
room 3 because we had Swimming Lessons, but we all managed to do our work!
I have finished my "Three Laws Of Motion" if you go on it you will learn alot about the
Three Laws Of Motion! and about Isaac Newton!

If you are reading this, Thank You for having the courage to look through my blog!
I would love it if you would comment on my work just to learn from you! Have a good
Journey through my Blog!!! 

Wednesday, 13 June 2018

Reflection Through The Week!

This week was just normal, We all have been busy this week like Finishing off work, doing Running Records, and Writing
I have been finishing off my Reading and Writing work and have been putting them into my Turn In Sheet! I have been finishing off my Holes work and been finishing off my Matariki writing!

At Maths we have been learning how to use Decimals with Fractions. I have finished my work and have been posting my work onto my blog!

Matariki Fun Day!

What we did for Matariki was very FUN! We did, Arts and Crafts, Sports, and Cooking.

What I did was Cooking with Mrs Gaston, and Mrs Carter in Team 2! We made cookies that were Stars to represent the 7 Stars of Matariki! When we got there we all thought that we were cooking but instead we could make SLIME! All the Year 7, 8, and 6 made Slime, with Mrs Gaston. And the Year 4, 5 and 3 made cookies with Mrs Carter

First we put Glue into the bowl, and mixed it with blue food colouring. While mixing it well we got Borax and mixed it with hot water. When we mixed it we put it into the bowl where their was Glue and Food Colouring. Then suddenly the Slime couldn’t come together so we put the whole activator into the bowl. But it got watery and disgusting, so we gave up, and just left the “Slime” there.

Now it was time for Cooking! There was dough their so we just cutted them into star shapes, while making our stars! Me and Mitchell went to make the Icing for the cookies, we made, Yellow, Green, and Pink. We all finished cutting our cookies and baked them for 12 to 10 minutes. After the 12 to 10 minutes the cookies were baked! Then we all put the Icing onto the cookie, and decorated them with little Silver Chocolate.

We all Enjoyed it and ate them while watching videos about Matariki!

Monday, 11 June 2018

Holes 4!

WALT: Inferring - I can find clues within the text. I read between the line to understand the hidden meaning to make a conclusion or an assumption! 

Thursday, 7 June 2018

Year 7 Team Building!

The Year 7 and some of the year 8 had their very own Team Building! Because the Year 8 went to there Leadership Camp. I was so excited to enjoy the rest of the day without the Year 8!

There where 5 groups, Orange, Yellow, Purple, Green, Red, and Blue First we had to get into our groups and tried to make our own bandanas. I was was in the Yellow team and we called our group the Yellow Churry! We created our sign that was so colourful. We wrote down our group name right in the middle!

For the first day of rotations we had My Kitchen Rules (MKR) With Mrs Sio, Games with Whea Kally, And Super Awesome Slime with Mrs Salu! First we had Game with Whea Kally, We played inside because it was cold. We played Chair Tiggy. Second we did MKR. We made Pikelets, with some toppings on it, it was funny because our Pikelets where raw, but we still ate it. We had Ice Cream, Chocolate Chips, Jam Sauce, and Sprinkles. It was fun and exciting.

We didn’t get to do our 3 rotation because there was no time. But we still enjoyed it!

Wednesday, 6 June 2018

Meeting My Aunty!

My aunty from Australia came to see us in New Zealand. She came on Friday. She had two kids that are 3 years old and a 3 month year old.

I was so excited to see her kids. We went to pick her up from the airport. A few minutes later she came out of the door and came to say Hi! She was holding her child and was walking out of the airport.

The Next Day. My aunty went to go and pick up my cousins, “Willy, Sam, and Frances” They came and played on the PS4. After a few hours later we went to have lunch at KFC. We were having fun and we decided to go back home. We all went home to watch some Netflix.

I was so happy to see my aunty from Australia. I really hope that I will see her again with her two little kids Next Time!