Friday, 15 September 2017


On Thursday we have our trip to Stardome. Me and my friend’s were excited to go. The whole of Team 4 is going. We are going to Stardome because we are learning about the Planets.

While we were waiting to go we got into our group lines. My teacher was Miss Parrant she was kind and helpfull. We were so excited to go. While waiting for the bus to come we got up into our lines and got into the bus. We were playing games and talking in the bus.

“Were here.” My friend said. So we got up and getting ready to go. We got up getting ready to go inside. But we were a bit early so we played at the park instead. It was so big and fun. After our 20min play we get to go inside the Stardome. When we got inside we could see these amazing things, Like the stone from Space, And the Lego building.

Then My Teacher Miss Parrant leaded us to a room with cool decorations. We sat on the chairs with the big screen in front of us. We thought we were going to see a movie but this man name David was teaching us about the Solar System. We were learning about how big the sun is and how it is made out of. After our talk we got to do a quiz, The girls had to be with Miss Parrant and the boys had to be with Miss Williamson. We walked around seeing these amazing things. After our quiz we got to see the show I was so excited to go inside the dome. When we got inside there were chairs leaning back and they are could Recliner chairs. They were so comfortable to set on. When we were leaning back you could see the big Dome. Then the show started, So we sat back getting relaxed. The show was about the Solar System. Then we the show finished.

I was so happy to go to Stardome it was very fun, and exciting I really like how we get to see all the stars and everything.

Thursday, 7 September 2017

Cross Country

On a shiny bright day, it was Friday and we had Cross Country at Pt England School on the field. People were not excited to go and most people were. My house colour was red and it is called Te aurere.

“PLING PLING!!” The bell rang so we quickly got changed and got into our lines. We walked through the breeze and saw people sitting on the court. The year ones were in the front and the year 8 were at the back.

Then it was the year 6s girls turn so we lined up getting ready. I was very nervous and scared because the run was 1.5 kilometres. Then SNAP!!! The clapper goes and the year 6 girls running I did not know who was running the lead so I ran as fast as I could. When we finished running the Pt England field we went to the muddiest part of the run so I walked because I thought it was disgusting and smelly, I did not like it. My heart was racing and my legs were struggling.
When I reached the finish line I was happy and proud that I finished the run. I was so tired. I was so thirsty and hot so I went to get some water. I was so happy that I finished the run. We went to set down for the next race. Lot’s of people were happy that the race is finished. “YAY it’s going to be the weekend’s.” When the Cross Country was finished we got to our class to get ready to go home.


Thursday, 31 August 2017

The Best Holiday Ever!!!

On a bright shiny day I was going on a trip to Korea for Christmas. I was very excited to go. I had to check if I had everything in my suitcase. I was so excited. “ I am going to be late”. I said. So I quickly got my suitcase and headed for the airport.
While I was at the airport I had to wait for my friends to come because they were coming with me. There names were Sulli Jungkook and Taehyung. I met them in my first trip in Korea. They are very funny, nice and kind. After half an hour it was our flight to Korea. So we rushed to the line to give our tickets.
“We are here”. Sulli said so we got up getting our suitcase and getting ready to get of. While we got of we could see the snow slowly coming down. I was so excited. Me, Sulli, Jungkook and Taehyung got out of the plane and headed to the airport in Korea. We could see people being helpful to each other, And singing Christmas songs. While waiting in a line people were handing little present’s to the people. After everything We headed to our Hotel. Then someone called out our name’s so then we stopped and looked, It was a girl we did not know. She told us if we wanted to go to her Christmas party so we accepted it. On the invitation it told us what time it is going to be and were the place is going to be at.
After reading the invitation we went to get ready to go. After half an hour we got to our car and went to the party. “I think this is not a good idea”. Taeyang said. “Why?” Sulli said. “Because we do not know who this person is”. Jungkook agreed with him. So we left. We all wanted to go for a walk in the forest so we went to this funny looking one. We got out of the car and start walking to the forest We were just just walking and out of nowhere we could hear squeaky little, scary sounds We were scared and frightened we tried to get out of the haunted forest. Then suddenly we could see shadow’s wondering around and it was talking. It said that if we don’t leave in five seconds we are dead so we ran of screaming.”Run for your lives” I said. So we ran as far as possible.               
The next day it was Christmas. I ran to the window seeing all the snow pouring down it was pretty and awesome so I ran to wake up the other’s. “Merry Christmas” Taeyang said. We they got out of bed we went to our Christmas tree and had a happy holiday.