Monday, 21 May 2018

Fragments & Sentences

WALT: Identify and write complete sentences.

This week we are learning how to fix our sentences and learning how to finish
of the sentences.

Saturday, 12 May 2018

Hanging Out With My Cousins!

Today my parents has took me and my cousins to the place called "JUMP" MY parents wanted us to meet our cousins that we haven't meet in a long time.

When we got there me and siblings were waiting for them to arrive. "Hey Fatty" says my cousin, they all came to me, and greeted me. I was very happy to finally meet them! We all started jumping and having fun! 

When we were all jumping we saw a Dodgeball center for all the kids. We all decided to vs the other family. We then huddle singing the Samoan National Anthem. "123... Dodge" We all tried our very best to get the other group out. Suddenly we lost, we got 5 out of the ring.

When we finished our game, it was time to go for a feed. We went to eat at Mcdonald's. We all didn't want to leave.

My favourite part hanging out with my cousins was getting to know them better and getting to hang out with them. I really hope that we get to meet them again in the future!  

My Family Camp!

Me and my family had our very own camp at our church! We had 3 groups, Blue, Green, and Yellow. I was in the Blue team.

When we got there, we all welcomed our Setefano Family members. When I saw my 4 favourite cousins, Talue, Xavier, Naomi, and Eden. We all went to hang out and played some games. Our elderlies wanted to do a prayer before we went to go have some fun. After the prayer we went to go huddle into our groups, but suddenly I didn't get to team up with Naomi, and Eden, But I did had Xavier, and Talue.

The Blue team was winning so far we had 45 points for the start. We then got Pizza for dinner, and played around for an hour. After eating we all got changed into our pyjamas getting ready for our Movie Night. We watched the "Three Wise Cousins" I was excited to watch the movie with my family. 

My favourite part about our camp is that we got to learn about our Family from the past, and that we all got to get along with the Setefano Family! Hopefully that we get to do another Setefano Camp!

Wednesday, 9 May 2018

This Weeks Maths!

This weeks Math was awesome! We got to learn a
lot of awesome things!

Mrs Salu got all of the student to learn how to use
our, Mean, Mode, Median, Range while learning.
We all got our Math books trying to solve our

After some minutes of learning, Mrs Salu got all the
girls to sit on the ground so that we can solve our
answers together. First we had to be in groups of 3,
or 4 so I got in groups of 3 with my friends Glennes,
Fetuao, and Maree.

While finishing solving our problems we decided to
do Prodigy or Math Whizz. I really like doing Maths
with my classmates, and it is really fun to learn

Monday, 7 May 2018

Compounds Sentences!

WALT: Use conjunctions to form complex sentences

I will be working on how I need to be using the word "BUT & SO" Witch is very interesting. Hopefully I have learnt this weeks awesome learning! If you want to see what I have be learning about you can freely look around my blog!

Hopefully you can leave your awesome thoughts about my learning in the comments. And can freely look at my blog anytime you would want to! And if you do "THANK YOU!!" Alot!

Friday, 4 May 2018

He Ran Because He Loved To Run!

WALT: Connecting, Comparing - I relate the information and ideas from the text
to my own experiences to decide what I think (From An Opinion)

This week, we will be learning how things move, and how things move side to side. This is the second blog post I have done this 2nd term!!

Hopefully you will post a comment, and will enjoy my blog!!

Wednesday, 2 May 2018