Monday, 19 February 2018

Why I Think We Don't Need Money For Doing A Great Job At School (Brainstorm)


What I think is we shouldn’t get paid for doing good work because the teachers money gets put into good use.

  • Their money helps the school and helps people out their that need health medication.

  • If the teachers gave us money we would probable use it for less important things like lollies.

  • It is just a waste of money if you give to young people like us.
  • We might use the money for things we don’t need.

  • If you give us money then I will probably use it for school or to save it for college.

  • The money should go to the school not us little kids.

Friday, 16 February 2018

Going To Tech 2018

This week on Thursday I went to Tech for the first time
this year. Tech is where we go to Tamaki College and do
cooking. “ So let me tell you my trip to Tamaki College.”
First Mrs Iloa had to put us in three groups One, Two and
Three I was in group Two. Then she told us to go line up
into two big lines.

When we got into two lines we had to walk to Tamaki College.
It was so hot while walking to Tamaki. When we got there
we had to line up into our three lines. Group two had to go
with a teacher name Mrs Lockheart. We didn’t get to do
any cooking because we had a short amount of time so we
just learnt how to use the knife. One of them was to hold the
sharp part while passing it to another person so that you won’t
cut them. After that we had sheets of paper to fill in which
was so exciting.

When we finished we all had to pack up and leave to
Pt England School. It was really fun and interesting to go
to Tamaki College and do cooking. I will be looking forward
to be going back on Thursday and to learn new things about

Wednesday, 14 February 2018

Friday, 9 February 2018

People Can Get Effected

The Effect That Litters Has:

  • People can get affected if you throw your rubbish.
  • If your parents went to your school that is dirty then they will make you shift schools.
  • If you stop throwing your rubbish on the ground then the birds will stop dying.
  • Don’t throw your rubbish in the beach so that other people can swim.
  • If you have rubbish don’t throw it on the ground throw it in the bin.
  • If you keep your place clean then people will want to come back.
  • We might as well die in the future if we keep on throwing rubbish.

My Mail To Nicole

Petesa Setefano
130 Point England School
Glen Innes
Auckland 1072

Wednesday 7th February 2018

Nicole Lei
Ferguson Intermediate School
Otara Auckland 2023

Dear Nicole Lei,

Hi my name is Petesa Setefano and I go to Point England School. I just heard about your problem and I am here to help. If you are not sure what to wear then why can’t you ask the teachers or the principal. But for my opinion you should wear uniform so that you can produce other people from what school you go to. My reason is that you should wear uniform so that you don’t have to waste time looking for clothes but in uniform you can just wear it without any problems. I am saying that you should not wear Duffy Clothes so that you won’t get bullied. What I am saying is that people might bully you of what clothes you might wear. So I really think you should wear uniform. But it really is your choice to wear uniform or duffy clothes but so that you know I want you to wear uniform so yeah I hope this will help you. Have a great week.   

Yours Sincerely,
Petesa Setefano.        

Wednesday, 7 February 2018

The Funny Looking One

The Funny Looking One

One day there was a women named (The Funny Looking One.)
she wanted to eat a burger. She couldn’t afford one so she went
around looking for one. Then suddenly she fell and saw a rat
crawling for some food. Then she started to follow it
and then she grabbed it. Then she walked around looking
for her burger. Then she saw a girl eating a big tasty
delicious burger so she ran right up to the girl and
grabbed the burger without any permission. Then
the girl started to cry and ran up to her parents. Lots
of people were shocked and scared even one of them
got a video of it and reported it to the police. When
they reported it to the police, the police got shocked
as well they couldn’t do anything about it so they
ignored it. One day later the Funny Looking One fel
t sorry for what she did so she went looking for her. Then
all of a sudden she smelt a burger coming from the left side
so she followed the smell. Then when she saw the burger it
happened to be the same girl from last time. Then the Funny
Looking One grabbed it even though she already knew not to
do it. Then she took one big bite even though she saw the girl.