Friday, 4 December 2015

My Own Dinosaur

My Dinosaurs name is Spikosaurus it lived about 65 million years ago it has lots of spikes on it tail it  has huge teeth on the front and little teeth on the back.

The Spikosaurus lives in India. It likes eating meat every time it sniffs it goes and gets the meat.

Its head is big and its neck is long. It has lots of spikes on its back to keep its enemies away.

It runs fast from other dinosaurs. Its legs are strong and huge.  

Monday, 21 September 2015

cross country

On monday we had cross country when it was time for the year four girls to run the year four girl’s got in line and then i saw the mud was all splattered on my feet.  Mr Burt was holding the clapper and then he open the clapper and then my heart was pounding fast and then Mr Burt was closing the clapper. Mr Burt slammed the clapper and then the year four girls started to run fast on the field. I heard cheering when i was running i saw teachers cheering it all of the year four girls when i was nearly at the finished line i run as fast as i could when i was it the finish line i got a water from the teachers. My heart was pounding fast and then  i got tired and it was hot. It was time for the year 5 boys has to do two laps around the whole field.                 


the smallest circus in the world

The Smallest Circus In The World
Make a copy of this.
After you have read the story, you are going to write a retell of what happened, so we are summarizing in the correct order what happened.

For example. Leo Mousini was the star attraction at the Circus for years.Leo Mousini was the master clown he had a orange coat and a black hat. After that he turns  old he had pain on his back and head. He tried to do the handstand with one hand but it made him dizzy he want to look at the circus one more time and he saw a man said good bye to the old clown after that he went to the concrete and get his little house he pulled his house and take it far away from the circus.


immersion assembly

On Monday the whole school it Pt England was doing the immersion assembly because we were learning to do our Trade and Enterprise Mr Burt was dress up as a auctioneer. He sall lots of toys team 4 was my favourite part they were 4 teacher acting it was Sassy Calm and Very Happy and Bob my favorite actor was Sassy he was funny.
Team1 was my favourite one too they were at the market it the netball coats they had lots of food to buy after that. They had a little treat it was a chocolates they did scramble with them it was fun team 2 was about ice cream the kids were going to the shop to buy one from the tip top. they were in a line so that they can bye it they open their ice cream and it looked yumy.                 

Thursday, 3 September 2015

My future jod

My future Job   
My aspiration for the future is to work us a team. The job of a Netball player you have to be fit and strong so that the team can work hard and you can travel the world i want to go it samoa so that i can swim it the pool and have fun i want to be in the saliva ferns so that i can have heads of money so that i can get a house or buy important things. Like a car to drop people of like it school or going work because we have to be in time for those kind of things.

Friday, 7 August 2015


Being a firefighter is a challenging job. You have to be fit and mentally strong.

What Work Do Firefighters Do?
Firefighters help people if they have a fire in their house. Also they help people if they get trapped inside the car. Otherwise the car explodes into fire. They extinguish the fire so that people can be safe.  Being a firefighter is a hard job.

         What Do Firefighters Wear?
Firefighters have to wear safety gear to protect them from the fire they have fireproof clothing to help them be safe. Firefighters have gloves to protect them from not getting fire on their hands. If they have gloves it will help them to be safe they have everything to protect them from fire.
 How Do You Become A FireFighter ?

There are 3 things that firefighter have to do, it is that they have to be strong, brave and fit. So that they can do there things right.

  firefighter has to be strong and fit so that firefighter can help people.

Friday, 19 June 2015

The ligthhouse

High on a hill above a village stood a lighthouse. Its beams of light where a warning for ships to stay away. There were treacherous rocks below.

The old man heard the people celebrating in the village, he slammed the window shut because it was too noisy.The window opened again and it blew out the man’s candle. Suddenly he heard a loud clanking noise and then the entire lighthouse plunged into darkness. He ran to see what had happened to the light.

He carried his lantern as he clambered up the staircase. He checked the enormous lamp, out of nowhere he heard a loud blast from a boat’s horn. “Oh no!” He thought, “there is a boat coming.” He felt terrified!

He carried the enormous lamp and he forgot to put his tools away so he fell down on the ground as he tripped over his tools. He dropped the enormous lamp and it smashed into 100s of pieces on the ground. The man looked
out the window and saw ship heading towards the rocks.

He heard a noise and ran down to the front door,
he opened the door and the whole village was coming to help the man. The villagers had their lanterns and the man felt thankful. the whole
village stand it the lighthouse and carried they
lanterns and the man was happy and thankful.  
and the whole village was proud of them self.




Friday, 5 June 2015

The Switch - Vancouver Film School (VFS) from Vancouver Film School on Vimeo.

A balding man strolled along the road. He had just finished his lunch and was licking his lips. “Oh bother” he thought to himself “I’ve spilt food on my brand new tie.” Out of nowhere a white box came flying through the air and hit him in the head. He got angry and gave the white box a mighty kick.The man looked all around him and there were lots of boxes, he was scared. He noticed a shiny box that was different to the rest.
he pushed the shiny box and  he saw a tower of boxes he climbed
on the tower and jump. and he fell down on the floor he saw a button
and he pushed it. it spin very fast and it stop it was magnet it toke
the man's tie and his hand and his body and it spined and spined
it stop and it turn to a box for every and every   

Friday, 29 May 2015

the marshmallow

On a cloudy night A boy sat on a log  with a orange glow from the fire. He toasted marshmallows
stomp stomp from behind the boy came the sound of footstep turning around the boy held out
his stick like a sword. right there saw a giant that was  green angry sea monster jimmy was scared. the monster started to be nice to jimmy because the monster want a marshmallow.
but he run out of marshmallow and then he started to get angry to jimmy and he got a
pillow and show the monster then he was nice to jimmy and give the pillow to the sea monster
and jimmy ran to his house.


Wednesday, 20 May 2015

The switch

A balding man strolled along the road. He had just finished his lunch and was licking his lips. “Oh bother” he thought to himself “ spilt food on my brand new tie” .

Monday, 18 May 2015

The roller blade run

characters luke andrew setting on the footpath by their houses plot the boys were roller blading on the path around their houses they couldn, t get down the steps so they had to use a ramp.

Thursday, 14 May 2015

The new baby summary

In reading we are learning to sum up the story in our own words.

Friday, 1 May 2015


On a cold April morning before the sun rises every year across Australia and New Zealand
thousands of people gather around monuments to show respect and remember the soldiers
who died for in ww1 the dawn parade is held on April 25th ANZAC DAY as this is the day ANZAC
Troops were fighting in Gallipoli.
The war Was fighting for us We all felt sad but the war was happy to goG.I. comforting a grieving   

Wednesday, 1 April 2015

school picnic

pt england school were lucky enough to go to pt england beach last week on friday.
we were going to enjoy our day and have fun in the sun at our annual school picnic.
my favourite activity was going to play on the park pt england school loves to go and play it the park we love to go and play my 2nd favourite activity was going to play at the park pt england school was happy when the sun came out and we all play in the beach and the park we love to play.