Thursday, 16 November 2017


At Pt England School we have our own Athletics. I was looking forward to be playing all kinds of sports with the whole of Pt England School. At Pt England School we get to be in groups. The Group I was in is called Te Aurere properly the best group in Pt England School.
When I walked in class the room was full of colours. Red, Blue, Green and Yellow sometimes other colours. I was very excited to do, Shout Put, Tug - O - War, Discus and Sprints. When we finished getting ready to go and do Athletics we lined up to go and have some Fun!! At Athletics. When we walked through the Breeze we could see the students sitting in there lines. While sitting in our lines for Athletics we needed to listen to Miss Va’afusuaga for the extractions.

”Year 6 girls you may GO!!” I was very happy to do Athletics with my friends. The first activity we got to do was called Target Ball. “ON YOUR MARK GET SET GO!!” So we all got the balls trying to throw it to the other team. It was a very challenging game but we still gave it a go. After the game we all sat down to see who was the winning team but all of a sudden the team that has won was the Green Team, And the second winning team was the Yellow Team, And the team that has came third was Blue so that means Red has came last but we tried our best and we had loads of Fun!!

After all the activities that we did it was the teacher's turn to do their relays, At Pt England School the teachers would always do relays after our Athletics. When we finished everything we all had to go to class to get ready to go home.

My favourite part about Athletics is that everyone worked as a team. I was very proud of the year 6 girls for trying their very best to win the games. On Soft ball throw I came third. Thank you Miss Va’afusuaga for putting the activities together.

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