Thursday, 7 September 2017

Cross Country

On a shiny bright day, it was Friday and we had Cross Country at Pt England School on the field. People were not excited to go and most people were. My house colour was red and it is called Te aurere.

“PLING PLING!!” The bell rang so we quickly got changed and got into our lines. We walked through the breeze and saw people sitting on the court. The year ones were in the front and the year 8 were at the back.

Then it was the year 6s girls turn so we lined up getting ready. I was very nervous and scared because the run was 1.5 kilometres. Then SNAP!!! The clapper goes and the year 6 girls running I did not know who was running the lead so I ran as fast as I could. When we finished running the Pt England field we went to the muddiest part of the run so I walked because I thought it was disgusting and smelly, I did not like it. My heart was racing and my legs were struggling.
When I reached the finish line I was happy and proud that I finished the run. I was so tired. I was so thirsty and hot so I went to get some water. I was so happy that I finished the run. We went to set down for the next race. Lot’s of people were happy that the race is finished. “YAY it’s going to be the weekend’s.” When the Cross Country was finished we got to our class to get ready to go home.


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