Thursday, 17 August 2017

Freedom And His Big Adventure

One day a boy name Freedom was playing video games. He would always play video games and not do homework. His parents got very upset so his parents turned of the TV and Freedom got very upset. So he walked all the way to the TV and turn it on while he was playing video games his fingers got swollen and big. He did not care about his swollen fingers all he cares about is beating the next level on his Play Station. His parent got very worried so the mom called the doctors.

While the parents were waiting for the doctors, Freedom kept playing and they could hear a knock on the door. The parents rushed to the door. When they opened the door they could see a man doing the splits on the ground. The man was kicking everywhere and going crazy. The parents got very shocked. The man ran inside the house and saw Freedom playing Play Station when Freedom saw The Kick-Boxer he freaked out. Freedom liked kickboxing but the Kick-Boxer didn’t like Play Station. When the Kick-Boxer saw Freedom’s fingers he got very disgusted. The parent were

The Kick boxer told Freedom that the special cream was at a ruined castle that was built years and years ago the Kick boxer said that the castle was built for the war and that is where they kept the special things. Freedom got goosebumps everywhere on his body but he still think that it was cool the Kick boxer wanted to go get the cream but he had to go with someone. Freedom screamed out MEEEEE!!! The Kick boxer knew that he was going to say that but his parents disagreed about the plan. The mom said to the Kick boxer if there were any other creams in this planet that would fix Freedom’s fingers but the Kick boxer said no there is only one in this world the mom screamed and was worried. The dad said that he would come but not Freedom. Freedom got very upset and told dad NO!!! The dad would do anything for his son so the mom said to go with Freedom. The mom got very upset and worried. The dad packed up some food and some water. The Kick boxer bring his amazon car that can go back to the future. The father put all the things in the back of the awesome car. While everybody was in the car and the mom inside the house worried. Freedom loved the awesome car. The Kick boxer had a secret that he wanted to share with Freedom his secret was that he had super powers the Kick boxer wanted to give his powers to Freedom. So the Kick boxer walked to Freedom and told him that the Kick boxer had powers Freedom was freaked out. The Kick boxer said that he wanted to fix Freedoms fingers so he did so his fingers went normal as it is.

The Kick boxer told Freedom that he wanted to give his super powers to him and he was even more shocked. Freedom loved the Kick boxer. When the Kick boxer was about to leave he quickly had to give his powers. After that Freedom lived happily ever after.   


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