Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Matariki Day

On Friday we went to assembly. After assembly we went to our home classrooms to do the roll and to collect our bags. Miss Parrant gave us stickers that have our names on it. I had to go to room 11 & 12. The teachers that we had was Mrs Moala, Miss Davis and  Miss Tumahai. What we did for Matariki was weaving I was very excited to start of. The instructions were very simple so we got started. It was very easy to weave with paper. I had a partner that was a year one his name was Benje I had to help him how to weave with paper. When we finished our first weaving Miss Tumahai put up our weaving. All of us were trying to make a big picture. So we had to weave blue paper for the sky, we had to weave green paper to make to grass and we had to weave brown paper for the dirt. So me and Benje got two pice of paper to make another one it took ages to make but we still did it. After all the weaving the picture looked so cool I thought that we did well. I really liked the picture that we made. The boys made kites which was really cool. And Miss Davis took photos and printed them out she cut them out and put it on our weaving picture. It looked very cool because it looked like they were looking at the kites. After that Miss Moala and Miss Davis took a photo of all of us. My favourite part of the Matariki day was helping the little kids with the weaving and I also like weaving.

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