Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Swimming Lessons

Team 4 had swimming lessons at Glen Innes Pools. Team 4 was so excited to swim at the pools. Every 3 weeks we have to bring our togs and towels to school.

Team 4 has to walk all the way to the Glen Innes Pools. While we were there we had to listen to the teacher about how to be safe in the water. I only swam for 3 days. Room 8 had to go for our showers first before we get on the water. It was really warm in the water.

In that 3 days I learned how to be safe under water and how to get on the water safely. We had to swim forward and backwards which was really fun. My row had to float on our backs and screamed out HELP!! It was really funny. I really liked swimming with the instructor they were very kind and helpful.

It was really fun swimming with Kat, Jass and Jed they were really fun and kind. I would like to learn more things about swimming. It was really fun and difficult for me.

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