Wednesday, 7 December 2016

The Animal Race

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It was an exciting day at Pt England School. It wasn't a normal race. But we could pick any animal. And I picked a Dragon. I coshed a Dragon because it could scared all of the animals off and shot his fire breath to the other animals. My Dragon was so excited to race those other animals. So the Dragon started the stretch his legs and arms. But there was only 1 more minute so Me and the Dragon started to line up for the race. There was 6 lines in front of us and I was a number 4. Then the race began. The Dragon was so nervous. So the Officials said,” On your marks get set, Go” and then the Dragon started to fly. Then suddenly the crocodile started to whack his long tale to the other animals so the dragon started to fly up because he didn’t want to lose so the dragon started to fly really fast the dragon was so tired. Then suddenly the other animal started to catch up so the dragon kept on going. Then the crocodile started to ran and ran I was so shocked but my dragon kept on going he was sweating and tired but he kept on going. Lots of people were cheering for the Dragon. But I felt sorry for him. There was five more minutes until the race was finish. My Dragon took a deep breath and started to fly. Then suddenly he was up to the finish line and BOOM he came first and  second please was the Crocodile and third please was the Pig. The crocodile was so angry but he was proud of himself he wanted to came first so badly but he was still happy. The Dragon was so so proud and happy. But he couldn't believe it he was running around like a monkey. He was so so so proud of himself he got his golden medal.  

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