Monday, 17 October 2016


One day there was two brothers that wanted to go out fishing. It was a really beautiful day so they went to get there fishing rod. Sam was the oldest child and Willy was the youngest child. Sam and Willy would always go fishing because it was there thing. So Sam went to get the keys and Willy was waiting outside Sam ran outside and unlocked the car. So they both got in the car and put on there seat belt. Sam was driving and went to his favourite beach so the two brothers got there fishing rod and walked to their fishing spot.

Sam and Willy got there fishing rod and started fishing. Sam got 4 big fish and Willy got 5 big fish. They were so hungry they wanted to eat their fish so badly. So Sam went back home and got the BBQ and some lemon. Willy loved lemon on his fish and Sam loved chips with his fish so he went to the shops and got some chips from the Takeaway. And went back to the beach and got out the BBQ out and Bob ran to Sam and got the lemon and put it on the ground were there fishing spot is and then Willy ran back to help Sam with the BBQ.


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