Thursday, 2 June 2016


One day there was a girl named Lulu she was working at the jewelry shop then about 6 o'clock someone evil came in the shop and its name was Joker so he got it hammer and made a big hole and a big BAM then Lulu sprint it the counter and she saw a big hole so she got her phone out and call the cops. Then she went outside and she was so worried that she might get fired then she heard something coming her way and it was Supergirl Lulu was a fan of Supergirl. Then Supergirl landed on the floor and went inside the Jewellery shop then she ran outside and fly up the sky to look for Joker and there he was stealing someone's car so Supergirl divided down to Joker and Joker saw her flying towards him so he ran to Lulu and cured he to a cliff and dropped her then  Supergirl divided to Lulu Super girl was so scared that Lulu might die so Supergirl went fast and she got Lulu then Supergirl flyed up and put her on the ground. And Lulu thanked Supergirl for saving her.

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