Monday, 4 April 2016

Camp 2016

 On Wednesday the 23rd the year 5 & 6 had camp at Pt England School. I shared my tent with Nasibah.

I walked in my tent because it was night and we had to go to sleep and my feet was wet and it was cold and very windy. When I was inside the tent i was inside my sleeping bag then one hour a big thunder come and it woke me up it was like a lion roaring. And the wind was going past our tent i was so scared that the rain will come on our tent it was raining hard out. the tent was going up and down Then Nasibah woke me up and it was 6.00 i was so tired because the thunder woke me up.

But i am excited for camp next year. My favorite part on camp was swimming.              

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  1. Hi petesa I see that you had a wonderful time at camp