Monday, 21 September 2015

cross country

On monday we had cross country when it was time for the year four girls to run the year four girl’s got in line and then i saw the mud was all splattered on my feet.  Mr Burt was holding the clapper and then he open the clapper and then my heart was pounding fast and then Mr Burt was closing the clapper. Mr Burt slammed the clapper and then the year four girls started to run fast on the field. I heard cheering when i was running i saw teachers cheering it all of the year four girls when i was nearly at the finished line i run as fast as i could when i was it the finish line i got a water from the teachers. My heart was pounding fast and then  i got tired and it was hot. It was time for the year 5 boys has to do two laps around the whole field.                 


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