Friday, 7 August 2015


Being a firefighter is a challenging job. You have to be fit and mentally strong.

What Work Do Firefighters Do?
Firefighters help people if they have a fire in their house. Also they help people if they get trapped inside the car. Otherwise the car explodes into fire. They extinguish the fire so that people can be safe.  Being a firefighter is a hard job.

         What Do Firefighters Wear?
Firefighters have to wear safety gear to protect them from the fire they have fireproof clothing to help them be safe. Firefighters have gloves to protect them from not getting fire on their hands. If they have gloves it will help them to be safe they have everything to protect them from fire.
 How Do You Become A FireFighter ?

There are 3 things that firefighter have to do, it is that they have to be strong, brave and fit. So that they can do there things right.

  firefighter has to be strong and fit so that firefighter can help people.

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